The Department of Economics which started functioning in 1972 is one of the premier departments of S.N.M College. It became a Centre of Post Graduate Studies in Economics in the year 1983 and since then accommodates nearly two hundred students. The Department conducts several curricular and non curricular programmes under the umbrella of Economics Association. The Economics Association stands for the co-operation between the faculty and the students of the Economics Department and provides a platform for the overall development of the students. So far, department has conducted four UGC sponsored National Seminar on socially and economically significant aspects. Faculties of the department have also carried on three Minor Projects.

    So far students of more than forty Degree batches were came out from the department. It constitutes around two thousand Students. Likewise, students of more than thirty PG batches were came out. Many of the former students are well placed in the society. In future also the department is bound to be a hallway for the prosperity of the future generations. The department always stands for the upliftment of the poor and deprived categories of the students.

Department is having a separate Library as its own, other than the General library of the college. This library provides internet enabled computer facility for the reference purpose of the students. Most commonly used text books concerning various branches of Economics namely Micro, Macro, Development, Indian Economy, Public Finance, Banking, Monetary, Environmental, Statistics, and Econometrics are available here. 


MA- Economics


  • Enriching the young minds for a prosperous future by providing valuable knowledge on Economics for making decisions in everyday life.


  • Providing advanced knowledge about economics by using modern learning methods and there by equip them to tackle various kinds of economic and social issues.


1. Dr. SUDHEER S.P                                Associate  Professor & Head

2. Mr. NIKHIL M.B                                           Assistant Professor

3. Ms. NITHA A.U                                              Assistant Professor

4. Mr.  VIPIN K.D                                              Assistant Professor

5. Ms. SREEJA V.S                                            Assistant Professor

6. Ms. SAIPRIYA SUDARSAN                         Assistant Professor

7. Ms. JYOTHSNA G (Politics)                          Assistant Professor

8. Ms. ANUSHA T.M (History)                          Lecturer (On Contract)