About Us:

         The Department of Physics was established in 1964, upgraded as an undergraduate section in 1977 and became postgraduate division in 1998. Ours is one of the oldest departments of S N M College, Maliankara. The department has three well maintained laboratories which have been upgraded recently and a computer lab. In addition the department has an Electronics Club in which the students can carry out their project work, play around with the concepts of Physics and exhibit their creative skills. We have a mini library with more than 300 books.

The department is supported by a team of teaching and non teaching staff with the full co operation of the students. It has highly qualified and dedicated faculties which include 2 Ph Ds and 2 NET holders. It has produced over 80 publications in leading international/ national/ conference proceedings. The department has maintained a credible record of UG and PG teaching. Our students have consistently performed well in the university examinations securing top positions.

Courses Offered:

B Sc Physics Model 1

M Sc Physics (Electronics)



To build foundation for excellence in physics and to inculcate social values.



  • To awaken the young minds and discover their talents both in theory and in practical Physics, through dedication to teaching, commitment to students and innovative instructional methods.
  • To support students to gain knowledge in interdisciplinary areas of Science and Technology to face global challenges
  • To introduce pioneering programs in the Department that will embrace heritage and values of the institution
  • To accumulate the physics knowledge, developing and sharing it in a scientific community that shares common principles; respects and cares for each other as well as bears social responsibility.
  • To evolve strategies in the Department for continuous improvement.


Faculty members


 Ms. P.V.Athma                       Associate Professor ( HoD)

Dr. Jeeju P.P                   Associate Professor

Dr. Neena P.                            Assistant Professor

Ms. Priya S.Nair                      Assistant Professor

Sri. Sunil Kumar C.P               Assistant Professor

Ms. Sumitha S.Nair                 Assistant Professor (on contract)

Ms. Shobitha C.S                    Assistant Professor (on contract)

Ms. Poonima B shenoy           Assistant Professor (on contract)