About Us

            Department of chemistry has always been an integral part of SNM College. It was started in the year 1980 with under graduate course & the post graduation started in 1999. The department was recognized as research centre in 2011 & received FIST (Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions) in 2014. Behind the growth & development of the department are the untiring efforts of the faculty members.

            The department proudly stands as a leading light for generations of students in this backward area whose social & economical status is below average. We have consistently succeeded in directing them to pursue excellence in their studies & better positions in their life.  We have also tried our best to upgrade ourselves to keep in tune with novel developments in our field. The staff members have been keen in creating a research atmosphere & also tried to better the living conditions of our neighbouring people through extension activities.  

Courses Offered

B.Sc Chemistry

M.Sc Pure Chemistry


  • Maintain global standards in chemical education and training; thereby empowering rural women to meet the challenges posed in an ever-changing national and international arena



  • To impart scientific knowledge through learning and research and to familiarize the relevance of chemistry in everyday life.
  • To advance chemical sciences through the education of students by providing them with quality classroom, research oriented projects and service opportunities.
  • To envisage the major environmental issues for sustainable development through extension activities.
  • To organize career oriented programmes and hand-on training for employment opportunities.

List of Faculty

T.R. Honey (HOD)                             Associate Professor

Dr. Cibi Komalan (Principal)              Associate Professor

Dr. Bhuvaneswary M.G                      Associate Professor

Anusree K.U                                       Assistant Professor

Preena N.                                            Assistant Professor

Dr. Resmi V.C                                    Assistant Professor (On Contract)

Dr. Vijayadas K.N                             Assistant Professor (On Contract)

Bhavya T.V     (Bio Chemistry)          Assistant Professor (On Contract)