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M R P - Executive Summary
M R P - Executive Summary
As per the guidelines of University Grants Commission, an Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC) is established for planning, guiding and monitoring post-accreditation Quality Sustenance and Quality Enhancement activities of the college.

The primary aims of IQAC are

1. To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.

2. To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.

IQAC Committee


1.         Dr. Cibi Komalan (Principal)     Chairperson

2.         Sri. K C Satheesh                     College Manager

3.         Sri. V S Jainlal                           Co ordinator.   

4.         Dr. C M Sreejith                      NAAC   Co ordinator

5.         Sri. T S Rajeev            

6.         Dr. Neelima C A

7.         Dr. M G Sanil Kumar

8.         Sri. Ajeesh S

9.         Smt. Priya S Nair

10.       Sri. K V Ganan                        Administrative Staff

11.       Sri. Shaji B S                            Librarian

12.       Sri K V Vinod                          Alumni

13.       Laisa Anil                                 Ward Member

14.       Sri. K J  Babu                           PTA President

15.       Dr. Krishna Kumar                  

15.       Sri. Ajayakumar V P

16.       Jasalna M J                              Student Representative

17.       Sachin K Babu                          Student Representative