Sree Narayana study centre



S. N. M. College, Mliankara is the one and only aided college in the name of Sree Narayana  Guru affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University. Our Vision in starting the study centre was to propagate the philosophies and ideas of Sree Narayana Guru among the students and the public. Located in a rural area our college accommodates a large number of students hailing from the hardworking low class communities all around.  The hopes and aspiration of these youngsters have to be fulfilled through education received from our college. In addition to subjects that come under the syllabus, we thought of providing them lessons from the philosophy of life as preached by Sree Narayana Guru which would help the to cultivate a secular, peaceful, humane and all loving attitude to life. Ultimately they would be moulded as a good individual.


 To widespread the message of revolutionary saint and social reformer Sree Narayana Guru.

 To give general awareness to students in topics related to moral and ethical issues.

 To provide a value based education on the principles of the Guru is propagated through its certificate course.


Brief History

After a long period of struggle Mahatma Gandhi University decided to set u a chair for the Study of Sree Narayana philosophy. We wanted to support the chair by starting a regional study centre at our college to help the leaners or researchers on the philosophy of Narayana Guru. The management, the staff and the well wishers joined hands to setup this study and research centre at our college. We received help and encouragement from everyone whom we approached. The Reachout Foundation in U. S. A. also extended support for this venture. The supplied a large number of books which we have kept in our library.

Every year we conduct seminars, debates and discussions on the Philosophy and works of Narayana Guru. Scholars like Dr. Sukumar Azhikkode, Prof. M. K. Sanu, Dr Geeth Suraj and the Great monks from Sivigiri Mutt like Swami Sachithananda, Swami Siva Swarupananda and Swami Guruprasad were to lead many seminars held at our college.

Regular, monthly classes are conducted for interested students in the college. Faculties from our college and from outside take classes on the writings of Narayana Guru.

The Birth anniversary of Narayana Guru – Sree Narayana Jayanthi is been celebrated on a large scale every year. Literary competitions are conducted for students and prizes are awarded. Processions are held with the participation of students and the public. Students of all communities voluntarily participate in all the activities.

The Management extends all support and help for the smooth functioning of the Study Centre. We are trying to extend our activities to the public also. On special occasions we engage our students to give general awareness on the philosophy of Narayana Guru to other academic institutes.